SecureMoz  Website Malware Detection and Blacklist Checking Tool.

SecureMoz will check to see if your site is hacked, has spammy links, redirects, malware, spyware, trojans or otherwise appears to be blacklisted. Works on Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, or any other backend technologies. We’ll fetch your site and analyze it for signs of an infection. We do multiple checks, from detecting spam links, hidden text, up to sophisticated cloaking, with more than 52 resources. And you don’t need to worry about set-up, installation and maintenance while using this website security monitoring and malware alerting solution. . You will be amazed on how much time and resources you can save with this real time detection of shell-codes, obfuscated JavaScript, malicious i frames, traffic re-direct and broad spectrum of other online threats. SecureMoz is used by hundreds of businesses of all sizes.

 Secure your website is just a few clicks away.


Protecting sites in over 25 countries.

We scan daily thousands of websites

Dramatic Sales Growth with SecureMoz


Malware Monitoring & Cleanup For Websites

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The devices used in website scanning have solid infrastructural support and it is undergoing compact tests in order to enhance its performance.

  • Working 24 / 7 / 365 to keep your website clean and malware free
  • Gain visitors confidence
  • NO manage
  • Fast, Accurate
  • Hands free process
  • No downloads, No installation, NO updates



We pay great attention to innovation and we always improve malware detection capabilities of the device to equip our customers with an effective tool that protects their devices against sophisticated and evolving web threats. Internet security  

  • Detect generic malware, security weaknesses exploits and more
  • Detect new born threats with non-signature based technology
  • Enable detection of personalized files to confirm the change
  • Check black listing engine



Get email direct to your inbox instantly to remove malware from your website before search engines scan your site.  

  • E-mail report to your inbox
  • Contact blacklisting engines .



Our  security experts are your best shot to response to an online attack.

  • You can easily detect the problem with code snippets
  • Hack recovery and business progression
  • Online technical support every minute of every day and malware removal by experts
  • At the point when your site has been hacked , contact your hosing or your webmaster

What are the benefits?

Every web site needs to be trusted to be successful. Growing concerns about fake sites, viruses and identity theft have made consumers reluctant to do business with web sites that are not taking steps to protect them. SecureMoz Web Site Anti-Malware Scan helps web site owners and online businesses to:

  • Assure visitors that their site has been scanned for malware
  • Protect web site traffic by avoiding blacklisting by browsers and search engines
  • Identify and fix malware infections fast and easily
  • Show visitors they are safe by displaying a trust mark from SecureMoz, the #1 brand of SSL for the top 1 million most visited domains on the web


Why are anti-malware scan services so important?

Distribution of malware via web sites almost doubled in 2010.1 With over 286 million unique variants of malware being identified last year, your customers’ web sites are under attack. Don’t let your customers’ sites be hacked. Protect your role as trusted advisor and your customer’s online interests with a cost-effective daily anti-malware scan.  

Become a partner or reseller:

SecureMoz is searching for qualified partners and resellers that can help drive more business and expand our protected user base. Contact us and together we will make the Internet a safer place for everybody.


Malware Monitoring For Websites

*When you make the purchase using PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.

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